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Store History

Old Store Front Bloss Hardware Store Main Street. Blossburg. Serving Tioga County PA towns including Blossburg PA, Liberty PA, Covington PA, Morris Run PA, Arnot PA, Mansfield PA, Wellsboro PA, Tioga PA, Roseville PA, Cherry Flats, Gainesville PA, Knoxville PA, Morris PA, PA Grand Canyon, Sebring PA, Canoe Camp PA, and near more Pennsylvania towns including Williamsport PA, Canton, PA, Salladasburg PA, Picture Rocks PA, Dewart PA, Troy PA, Sayre PA, Coudersport PA, and many more.

In 1801, Aaron Bloss settled in Covington Township, a few miles from what was then known as Peter's Camp, an early commercial hub for Williamson Road travelers and the surrounding communities of Covington, Arnot, Morris Run, and Fallbrook. In 1804, he moved his family into Peter's Camp and started establishing many of the small businesses that supported the town. Peter's Camp would later be named Blossburg in his honor. 

In 1871, following a fire that destroyed most of the east side of downtown main street, the current brick building at 218 Main Street was built. Over the decades since then, the two halves of what is today Bloss Hardware each held many different kinds of businesses. We know of at least a butcher shop and a drycleaner, but there may have been many more.

In 1981, Donald Trowbridge, a local building contractor, and his wife Brenda established a Service-Star hardware store in the south half of the current building, and named it Bloss Hardware. 

A significant setback occurred in 1987 when the building next door, 216 Main Street, was destroyed in a fire. The historic interior of 218 Main St. was also severely damaged, but Don and Brenda rebuilt and expanded into the other half of 218 Main Street. 

Robert (Bob) Martin, a local minister, and his wife Sandy took over the business in 2004 when the Trowbridges retired. Around this time Bloss Hardware switched branding from Service Star to become a True Value. 

In 2012, the Martins sold the hardware to its current owners, Ivan Erway, a local industrial engineer, and his wife Rose, who continue to run it as a Mom-and-Pop family business.

Since then, Bloss Hardware has continued to expand into more diverse product lines and services, specializing in services and hard-to-find items to fit the needs of Blossburg and the surrounding communities. 

Bloss Hardware, serving since 1981. 

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