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"I didn't know you could fit that much stuff in such a small store."

Ivan and Rose Erway, owner/operators Bloss Hardware, of Covington, PA

Bloss Hardware is one of those old-fashioned little hardware stores where you can find just about anything, if you look hard enough. It provides all kinds of product lines from regular hardware necessities to the most random seeming items that you likely didn't even know were sold, and always in that old-school, Mom and Pop style. 

Bloss Hardware is independently owned and operated by Ivan and Rose Erway of Covington PA, who run it in Mom-and-Pop fashion with help from their children and occasional friends and family. 


Ivan and Rose are extremely knowledgeable about all things hardware, and are eager to give you any kind of advice necessary to do your job right. They know almost every product in their store by heart, and can tell you the best ways to use each one. And if one of them doesn't know something, the other is bound to. 

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